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Roots & Fruits

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What is the greatest legacy one can leave? Is a family legacy an honor or a burden? From unconditional love to the deepest traumas, which factors define one’s identity? What is the weight of our choices in the path that we thread as individuals and as a species? At the end of the day, what is truly important when looking back at one’s life? 

From a Nobel Laureate in Physics to the grandson of Pablo Picasso, this documentary series gathers the testimonies of eighteen interviewees from all over the world, with different cultures, values and backgrounds, who are either building a legacy in their area of expertise or have inherited a legacy from a family member that is shared with Humanity. 

Each of the twelve episodes focuses on a theme that is common to all human beings, creating a dialogue based on personal experiences and exploring different visual and conceptual approaches through various artistic mediums - music, dance, drawing, acting, architecture.